Serenity and mental health

In general people are always in search for something bigger and better; the harder they strive to achieve those goals the more they learn that there are things that you need to sacrifice and for most people they aren’t ready and they can’t cope. When coping becomes a problem, stress and anxiety sets in. When there is no harmony in the mind and body, serenity leaves us and we start to feel different conflicting emotions leading to poor performance at work and bad inter-personal relationships.

For us to be productive we need to keep a balance within us but if we are always anxious, the body goes through different heights of feelings and it starts to upset the stomach resulting to acid reflux or irritable bowel movement. Some serious manifestations of anxiety are pulling of hair or severe hair fall, rashes breaks out as in psoriasis and other skin irritations. Others start to lose appetite and lose weight.

Although there are many known drugs that help make the symptoms of anxiety go away, it too has many known harmful side effects. And so the best way to combat feelings of anxiety and prevent mental stress and fatigue is to try to find activities that will help you to relax. Exercise and meditation is still the best remedy for people who are stressed and anxious. Exercise releases endorphins; the hormones that are responsible for making you feel good and happy.

Meditation on the other hand helps restore peace of mind. It relaxes the body and the mind and it restores balance. Often times it is our lifestyle that makes us anxious, we don’t allow ourselves time to rest and meditate, or to enjoy fun activities such as hanging-out with friends or reading a book or getting into a hobby that you are passionate about.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that when your mind and body are at war, serenity leaves you and your mind and body starts getting ill.

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Serenity and mental health
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Serenity and mental health
A short and simple article about the connection between serenity and mental health.

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