HIV Treatment Guidelines Today And In The Future

HIV Treatment Guidelined - Check ListHIV treatment guidelines change almost annually to include more and more people. as HIV spreads, it becomes more and more important to raise awareness and treat those infected as soon as possible. those?are the best ways to prevent and reduce HIV spreading. Generally, every country has its own HIV treatment guidelines, but there are international guidelines to base those on.?HIV treatment guidelines in the united states can be found here. As for the rest of the world – read on.

HIV Treatment Guidelines Today

HIV Treatment Guidelines - DoctorAccording to the World Health Organization’s HIV treatment guidelines, people with a cd4 cell count below 500 (that’s the normal range’s bottom) are eligible for HAART. before June 2013, the guidelines stated the cd4 count needs to be below 350, and before 2010 it was 200, which is the point a person is considered to have full-blown AIDS. A cd4 count below 200 means the person is extremely sensitive and at high risk of fatal infections. Many scientists recommend that patients will begin HAART immediately upon diagnosis. This should greatly decrease patients rate of infections and also enable them longer and healthier lives because they wouldn’t have to wait for the ?immune system to deteriorate before being eligible for treatment. In some cases patients may be able to safely stop treatment after one to two years. Some subgroups are eligible for treatment immediately upon a positive HIV test result. These subgroups include: children under 5 years-old, People with active Hepatitis B or Tuberculosis, people whose regular sex partners are not infected with HIV, pregnant or breast-feeding women and more. The new guidelines also recommend taking daily pill containing three drugs: Efavirenz, Tenofovir and Lamivudine or Emtricitabine, because it’s the most effective treatment with the least side effects. There are other possibilities, though.

The Future Of HIV Treatment Guideliens

HIV Treatment Guidelines - DeloreanAs time progresses, HIV treatment guidelines become increasingly inclusive. It’s very probable that in the future, treatment will begin right upon diagnosis. Hopefully, soon there will be a cure. There are teams constantly racing towards this aim. There are discoveries constantly being made. Two men with HIV underwent stem cell transplants due to blood cancer. They are now believed to be cured of HIV. Ever since the transplant, they have no more HIV cells in their blood. You can read more about that pleasant surprise?here. There’s also ?Dr.?Ole Schmeltz Søgaard?From Aarhus university in Denmark, whose research team take a novel approach to curing HIV. The drug they’ve created is mass-distributable and is currently undergoing clinical trials. This means that it’s going to be cheap, and it’s already been tested on animals, and is now being tested on humans. With any luck, it will be available in a few years. I’ll expand on their research in my next article about HIV. You will find it, along with my other HIV articles, here.

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HIV Treatment Guidelines Today And In The Future
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HIV Treatment Guidelines Today And In The Future
An article about current HIV treatment guidelines in comparison to past HIV treatment guidelines in America and the rest of the world, and about the future of HIV treatment guidelines and HIV treatment in general.

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