10 Reasons To Start A Gluten Free Diet

Gluten Free Diet - Ice CreamWhat is gluten and what foods contain gluten

Gluten is a protein found in foods processed from wheat and many other grains. It’s basically what gives dough its texture ??before baking, it’s what makes the dough elastic, and it helps it keep its shape. While baking it contributes to helping the dough rise by thickening it’s consistency and not letting the gasses emitted from the yeast escape, and while eating, Gluten is what gives most baked foods their chewy and pleasant texture. If you tried to bake a loaf of bread (or any other pastry, really) without gluten or any synthetic substitute for gluten, you’d get a dry loaf of hard crust. All the gases that usually make the dough rise would be able to escape because the dough won’t be thick enough to hold them in. After baking, if you’d try to bite it ??it will crumble to pieces. Gluten acts as a glue, so to speak, within pastries. In other foods, gluten is sometimes used as a stabilizer to help keep the product’s consistency. I think the most commonly known examples for this are ice cream and ketchup, but many other foods (Blue cheese, hard candy, instant coffee, mustard, beer…) contain gluten as well. I think it’s safe to say that if you don’t intentionally avoid gluten – you consume it on a daily basis.

Gluten Free Diet - PizzaReasons to start a gluten free diet

  1. Many modern food items contain disproportionate?amounts of gluten – fried foods, fast foods, processed foods, fat foods, sweets – they all contain gluten by the bunch. Consider how healthier you’d be if you avoided all these things – that’s how healthier you’d be on a gluten-free diet.
  2. Gluten intolerance is usually an acquired allergy that you can get by consuming to much gluten. In it’s most severe form it’s called Celiac and if you have it, you can’t have any more gluten for the rest of your life, not even as an occassional treat.
  3. less chances of heart diseases.
  4. less chances of cancer.
  5. less chances of diabetes.
  6. less chances of overweight
  7. less chances of fatigue.
  8. less chances of insomnia.
  9. Due to eating healthy, your body gets balanced chemically and more resilient to harmful factors, so there are less chances of general illnesses.
  10. It’s a great and healthy weight-loss diet.

Gluten Free Diet - Yael Kitty AvidanReasons not to start a gluten free diet

Yeah I said it. And I meant it, too, but I’m taking it back. Before properly researching, I could only see one giant clear disadvantage about the whole thing ??boredom. I like to eat, and I like diversity in my food. a gluten-free diet sounded too restricting to me. Then I roamed the backwoods of a mysterious place called “Google”. Oh, the sights these eyes have seen. ?One of many beautiful things about the internet is the way it allows us to connect with different people in similar situations. And Celiac is apparently a pretty common condition. In fact, you probably know someone who has it. The amount of blogs and websites concerning gluten-free diets and gluten-free recipes is absolutely overwhelming. I tried to browse some recipes from different sites and they all seemed pretty great. So really, if you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle, a gluten-free diet is one of your better options. I really like “Gluten Free Mommy” – It has a ton of recipes in it, most of them are relatively easy and the website is very easy on the eyes.

Some Words To The Wise

Just some percussions ??/p>

  1. The FDA demands food manufacturers to label gluten-free foods. This means it has no gluten, but it might still have traces of gluten! This can pose as a real health threat to people with celiac (and other conditions)? and a nuisance for people who try to regulate their gluten intake so achtung, baby.
  2. Don’t overdo it. Don’t overdo anything. Ever. Or you’ll quit and give up on yourself for a while and get super fat and then you’ll have to really break some sweat. It’s not science, but it’s true for many people.
  3. If you don’t like this regime and you don’t have a health condition that compels you to it, quit it and try another. Staying healthy should not come over the expense of staying happy or strong. An army marches on its stomach, you know.

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10 Reasons To Start A Gluten Free Diet
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10 Reasons To Start A Gluten Free Diet
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