Day Jobs Suck So… I’m Quitting. For Life.

Having a day job sucks

My name is Itay Rijensky. At the time I am writing this (July 10, 2012) I am 25 years old and I have a day job as the manager of a computers and electronics store in Nesher, Israel. I hate my day job, my day job sucks. That’s why I’ve decided to quit it and try to create a passive income online for myself.

This blog will accompany me in my efforts to achieve an income via the internet which will be steady and high enough for me to “stick it to the man” (I know, that expression sucks almost as much as a day job) and quit.

day jobs suck - neverending journey towards nothing.“Every journey begins with a single step.”

That cliché is unfortunately as true as it gets. To begin my way towards freedom from modern slavery, I must start working for myself.

Dear person reading this, cover your ears. This post is a gunshot.? This is when I start running.I don’t want to finish first, I don’t want to finish second, I just want to finish and so help me, I will.

Regev Elya

Day jobs suck - RegevRegev Elya is a dear and close friend of mine. He is the owner of and He used to always tell me about the option to make money online and work for yourself from wherever you want, whenever you want. I thought he was full of it, a man dwelling in his own fantasy.

Just when I was about to start my first (and last ??I hereby solemnly swear) semester at the university, Regev was traveling all over asia and Europe without a day job, with sufficient income and without a care in the world. He has money because he works for himself. people with day jobs work for someone else, and that someone else gets more money for their work than?them! That’s why day jobs suck so much. for example, you might get a 100$ incentive for selling things for over a 1000$ profit. That’s unfair, but you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

The beauty of the way he’s doing it is that he’s actually helping people. He writes high quality materials that, if you are as interested as you should be in their subjects, are very useful.


Honesty is the virtue I hold dearest to my heart. I speak only truth, even when it’s offensive. so it is important for me to disclose that I’m very unsure about this. I know Regev is doing it and there are plenty of other people who do, but can I?

Back to school

In order to learn everything I need to know, Regev directed me to “The keyword academy”. An awesome website with all the info anyone needs in order to start monetizing on their passion online. They taught him how to do it, and they will teach me. I joined (it’s not free) and started learning. The guys who run the site, Court and Mark, are great. They’re helping me with every step of the way. Their lessons are clear and conclusive and they actually care. It’s worth the membership fee, hands down. I’m starting to work on my website by their program and Hopefully, my next post in this category will be called “my first made internet penny”.

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See you next time.
Itay “SHPECK” Rijensky

Day Jobs Suck So... I'm Quitting. For Life.
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Day Jobs Suck So... I'm Quitting. For Life.
This article describes the daily struggles of having a day-job, the advantages of quitting it to work for yourself and a little bit about how to do it.

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  1. Regev says:

    I believe in Itay Rijensky. Always have been. You should have seen him peeing on an army tank.

  2. You should have seen me driving one… Thank you.

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