Smartphone Apps to Kick Away Anxiety

Using smartphone apps are just few of the many ways technology can also help people in their bouts against anxiety and stress. If you haven’t got any apps for your anxiety symptoms, read further to know what to download.


When you are feeling stressed the best and quickest way to stay calm is to breathe deep. Stress can be controlled if you can regulate the amount of oxygen that goes into the body. The developers thought of a way to help people breath deeper through an interactive guide on the screen. The menu guides you on how to do certain breathing techniques that can bring about calmness and stabilize the mood.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is another relaxation app but this time it appeals to the visuals rather than through hearing. The app has a series of videos which are designed to de-clutter the mind and to bring less stress and enhance the mood. The app is designed by a renowned psychologist who aims to free your mind from the stress of the world. The videos can also help other forms of meditations. Each video has a matching audio that would bring about a total relaxing experience that can also help bring relaxation to the muscles.


Simplicity uses calming music to Android devices. The app is designed to use sound to relieve people of anxiety and stress. The sounds are not culled from nature making this app truly unique and stand out over other apps in this class. The music is derived from the ancient principles of tai chi and other related Oriental music. There are nine sets to choose from and it comes with a chart that would also allow you to time your sessions.

Anxiety has become a modern mental menace as people are no longer able to control it. But with these great apps you can have a better mood and peace of mind that you have been wanting for the longest time.

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