A Real Cure For Cancer – How To Murder Malignant Tumors

Cancer is a curable disease

As all other cold and hard truths, this statement is just that ??truth. Cancer is a curable disease. There is no magic “take two of these and call me in the morning” kind of cure for cancer, but there are effective treatments that people just don’t try on account of being labeled “alternative”. Humanity has struggled with cancer for decades, it’s been around for so long and taken so many lives that some people refrain from mentioning its name.
But Cancer isn’t the Black Death plague, and it sure as sh*t isn’t Voldemort.

On one hand, cancer does claim millions of lives every year, breaking families and hearts everywhere in the world and nothing can seem to stop it. In fact, according to the American cancer society, on 2013 alone and only inside the US, approximately 580,350 people died of cancer. On the other hand, stories of people who cured their own cancer naturally keep emerging everywhere. We hear about people who treated themselves using Baking Soda, Diets and Cannabis. There’s even a story of a young girl who was treated using a virus similar to HIV.

Conventional medicine

Conventional medicine has no cure for cancer. Cancer is tricky because basically it means that one of your own cells is going bonkers inside your body. It’s not an external germ or virus, it’s you. Your immune system can’t really attack it unless you have an autoimmune disease. So how conventional medicine fixes cancer? By poisoning it; Radiation poisoning and chemical poisoning are the two main ways to treat cancer in hospitals today. But there are other ways to send a cell to sleep with the fishes. You can make it perform apoptosis (cell suicide) by starving it, choking it, sending thugs or giving it allergies. Here’s how you can murder a tumor:

Lock It Up And Don’t Feed It Until It Stops Scratching The Walls

Ketogenic diets are diets that make your body go into a stage of Ketosis. Our bodies run on carbohydrates. When you eat carbs, you’re basically fueling your cells with glucose. The problem with this is that our bodies need to take more than just energy from food. Besides, and this shocks most people, consuming fat doesn’t make you fat, consuming too much carbs make you fat. When you eat fat, your body takes what it can from it (which isn’t much if you’re on a carb based diet) and most of it comes out the other end of your digestive tract. When you eat too much carbs, your body takes the energy it needs, and if there’s too much, it gets stored. How does the body store energy? That’s right, love handles – but that’s a story for another article. Basically, cancer cells eat glucose and in some cases glutamine. Some think that the main cause of cancer is the replacement of cellular respiration with the fermentation of sugars (glucose). When you don’t eat carbs, your body enters a state of ketosis, in which it breaks proteins into ketones which contain carbs, but not based on glucose. Ketones fuel your cells as well as (if not better than) glucose-based carbs. It induces faster metabolism and better cellular respiration due to less fermentation of glucose. The only cells in your body that can’t eat ketones are: you guessed it, cancer cells. Ketogenic diets will simply make your tumor starve to death. There are other (vegan, raw-foods) diets which some believe cure cancer, but the scientific evidence are scarce. Besides, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go vegan or eat all their food raw. Unlike what many hipsters think, it’s VERY BAD for you.

Put Your Hands Around Its Neck And Squeeze Until The Legs Don’t Flail

In contrast to myth (and popular belief), is this COLD HARD FACT: Low-acidity diets do NOT prevent cancer. The average ph. of body tissues is 7.4, that’s slightly alkaline. Most cancer experiments are performed in an 11ph (very alkaline) environment. Cancer does thrive in acidic environments, but after it’s formed it creates an acidic environment for itself. It does that by reducing circulation and increasing glycolysis. Be that as it may, there is still plenty of evidence from people who cured their own cancer by reducing blood acidity. First off, cancer cells reduce circulation but don’t stop it completely. They still need some blood to survive, might as well be alkaline blood that disrupt their evolvement. The most famous treatment is using baking soda. A lot of people take baking soda to reduce their body acidity and kill cancer. The most famous research in this aspect is probably Dr. Simonchini. He gives baking soda to his patients, orally and by injection, most of his research was performed on breast cancer patients, and it showed very promising results. You can easily find Dr. Simonchini’s baking soda treatment instructions online. Dr. Simonchini perceives cancer as a fungal infection and not intercellular phenomenon. Most experts disagree with his approach, but that doesn’t change the results it has brought. It saved at least a few lives. Even if you believe cancer happens inside the cells, reducing blood acidity can’t hurt, and might probably help at least a little bit.

Give It Allergens And Laugh While Its Throat Closes Down

Cancer is allergic to cannabis. Here are two compounds that are found in Cannabis which even the average stoner knows:

1. CBD (cannabidiol) – a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory compound. As such, if you take CBD it will ALWAYS have some positive effect on your body. Whether it’s your bad knee or some inflammation in the bud, CBD helps.

2. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) – This is also a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory compound, but it has a twist. This ingredient is exclusively responsible for the high. All other compounds found in Cannabis are NOT psychoactive.

Tests have shown that THC significantly reduces the occurrence of benign and malignant tumors in mice. Also, a combination of THC and CBN were found to inhibit the growth of certain lung cancers. Cannabinoids have been found to destroy tumor cells by various mechanisms. More than not attacking the unchanged, healthy cells the cannabinoids actually helped preserving them. There are hundreds, if not thousands researches asserting this claim.?Here are 20 medical researches that found cannabis kills cancer.

Send Your Boys To Make It “Disappear”

You might have heard a story about doctors in the US who cured a child’s cancer by injecting her with HIV. The source of this urban myth came from an?inspiring short video?that’s been circling around the web. Doctors are people who are sworn to do no harm; they wouldn’t inject HIV or any other morbid disease into a child. What they DID do was injecting the child with a virus called “Lentivirus”, which is related with HIV. This curing technique was developed by Professor Carl H. June; A well-published, well-respected scientist from Philadelphia. This virus cures cancer by turning the body’s immune system against it. The immune system is great at attacking foreign objects, but since cancer is one of the body’s own cells who went haywire, the immune system doesn’t attack it. The truth is the doctors did not inject any virus, not even the Lentivirus, into the child’s blood. Lentivirus and HIV are part of a family of viruses that are very good at reprogramming DNA.?You can read my article about the way HIV can?reprogram DNA, right here.?The researches took some T-cells out of the patient’s body, and infected them with the Lentivirus. The Lentivirus reprogrammed the T-cells’ DNA to make them grow a new kind of receptor – CAR (Chimeric antigen receptor).

CARs lock on to molecules that are found on the surface of cancer cells. The modified T-cells are then injected back into the patient’s body, where they kill cancer cells and multiply alongside the other T-cells. This is not the first time that this technique had shown great results. Back in August 2011, a small clinical trial was held and was a little bit excessively covered in the press.
This way of turning the immune system against cancer cells is showing great promise in leukemia patients, but is still very experimental, and it will probably be years until it will be generally available.

From XKCD.com

It All Comes Down To This

In my personal opinion, it’s ridiculous to forsake conventional treatment altogether. If it’s the best science allegedly had to offer, you’d be foolish to just skip it. The ketogenic diet seems to make a lot of sense and so does Cannabis. The Lentivirus treatment sounds great for leukemia, but it’s not yet available, and Dr. Simonchini’s treatment might sound a bit “out there” but it has shown great results with breast cancer patients, and it’s hardly any effort to eat a few spoons of baking soda every night. Cancer is curable, hard but curable. If oncologists would prescribe their patients with some cannabis, spoons of baking soda and a ketogenic diet on top of chemo and radiation, I believe we would see a lot more people beating cancer. I’m not blaming oncologists, of course. This is going to sound a bit conspiracy-theory-ish to you, but doctors know what they are taught at med-school. Med-schools teach what the government requires them to teach, and the government does what its members are best paid to do. That’s why cannabis was delegalized to begin with. You are responsible for your own health. If you want to substantially upgrade your odds against cancer, add these treatments to your treatment plan. Remember to care for your body’s internal hygiene and do what is best for YOU.

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Heal yourselves.
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Cancer – The Fake Plague of Our Time

Cancer (Malignant Neoplasm) is a group of over two hundred different diseases that are arguably the worst of our time, a modern black plague. There are some treatments for it, but no cure. However, we still hear of people who defeated cancer through diets and other simple natural solutions. Almost anyone who reads this is or knows someone who was affected by cancer. To better understand why so much research brought no cure and why cancer is such an epidemic, we’ll later look back at human history. First, let’s understand what cancer is and how it works.

Carcinogenesis – Where Baby Tumors Come From

Cancer Process

How Cancer Starts – Photo from the National Cancer Institute

The human body is made of organs that are made of tissues that are made of cells. Those cells are constantly multiplying, dying and getting replaced. Except for the cells in the cerebral cortex which are never replaced from birth to death, all the cells in the human body have a finite life cycle. They clone themselves (mitosis) at a controlled rate. If a cloned cell is damaged it triggers its own?self-destruction. This phenomenon of “cell suicide” is called Apoptosis and it’s very common in our body. Sometimes, due to certain cell mutations, the process goes wrong and a mutated clone manages to clone itself. The body doesn’t need this defective cell or its clones and doesn’t know what to do with them. They form a mass, which you probably know as a tumor. Tumors can be either malignant or benign.


Benign Vs. Malignant

Benign tumors are likely to do no significant damage. Benign tumor cells don’t invade nearby tissues or spread to other parts of the body and can usually be surgically removed. Once a benign tumor is removed, it usually doesn’t come back. Malignant tumors are cancerous, which means they do all the things we just learned benign tumors don’t do. Malignant tumor cells can invade other tissues, destroying them in the process. If a malignant tumor is surgically removed, it can and many times does come back, but the worst part is that it can metastasize.


Metastasis – How Cancer Spreads

Cancer MetastasisMetastasis is the process in which a small mass of cells detaches from the original tumor and enters the blood or lymphatic system. It’s the most dangerous way in which cancer spreads. This is why early detection is currently considered one of the main factors in curing cancer – It’s best to remove the tumor before metastasis, because once it had?metastasized, it’s impossible to find these smaller tumors, called metastases, and they can invade tissues in different parts of the body at any time. This is called “Metastatic cancer”. Just for clarification, if someone has ?lung cancer, which metastasized and spread to the liver – that person has metastatic lung cancer, not liver cancer.

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Cancer treatment today

“Cancer is a costly illness. It can take a toll on your health, your emotions, your time, your relationships ??and your wallet. There will be unforeseen and unexpected charges and even the best health insurance won?? cover all your costs.” – Cancer.Org

PoisonChemotherapy – a hellish cocktail of poisons. It paints your veins black, it makes you vomit, it makes your urine come out in funny colors, usually orange, and it makes you feel generally terrible. This is napalm. It gets the enemy, but it also takes down the forest in which they’re hiding. It usually doesn’t, but it can have long-term and even life-long side-effects. Here’s a list of common chemotherapy side-effects from Cancer.gov


RadioactiveRadiaton therapy A method of killing cells by destroying them from the inside out. The radiation damages the very DNA of the cell, thereby causing it to die. A person can receive radiation treatment at any point of their treatment, even during surgery, depending on the type of cancer. The radiation can be generated by radioactive grains inserted into the blood stream or placed near the tumor, or by an external machine. The radiation is x-rays and gamma rays, the very same types of radiation we try to avoid in everyday life. Radiation therapy can and does hurt other cells in the body, not just cancer cells, and is a relatively unsafe practice. If done improperly, radiation therapy can even lead to death by radiation poisoning. Here are two examples I found on a five second google search: Mo Mowlam?died of radiation therapy side-effects – not from the cancer he was trying to fight.?Dr. Alem Kahsay?drastically reduced the chances of survival of two patients, one of whom had already died. He fled the country before his hearing.?[source]

Bloody ScalpelSurgery – Do I really need to elaborate? Surgery is when a doctor takes a knife, cuts you open, cuts the malignant tumor out of your body and stitches you back shut. Now that you understand how tumors appear, you can also understand that a tumor is not always on the surface of the organ, it can be deep. Therefore, surgery can severely damage the affected organ, killing the patient in the process. If that’s not enough – more than half of the fatal cases which occur in hospitals are caused by infection – not by the original diseases. This means that even if the operation was successful, there’s still a good chance that during hospitalization the patient will catch a mild case of death.?[source 1]

The Black Death Plague

The Black Death Plague - Image from National Geographic

The Black Death Plague – Image from National Geographic

In the dark ages, the black death plague ran rampant throughout europe, eventually claiming over 20 million lives. ?After seeking the cause, eventually the jews were blamed for it because they weren’t infected as often, and because jews are always getting blamed for weird stuff – This is called “Antisemitism”. Today we know that the resistance to the plague came from hygiene. According to jewish law, a person should wash his hands before eating and after going to the toilet, and bath at least once a week for saturday (Sabbath). Jews also can’t say prayers and blessings next to sewage pits or any other place that smells bad. Due to these and many other laws regarding burial, sewage, intercourse and hygiene, the sanitation at jewish towns, neighbourhoods and hamlets was always better than it’s surroundings. Basically, their vaccination was natural, simple and easy – hygiene. Today everyone is aware of their hygiene. It’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t shower everyday or washes their hands after going to the restroom. There is no more black death plague. In the old days people used to believe showering was harmful to their health. Just like your dog or cat would hate to take a bath unless you trained them to get used to it. Mankind has evolved beyond basic instinct and, out of scientific awareness and education, we began to shower every day, wash our hands and brush our teeth. This is called personal hygiene but that’s not an accurate name – it’s external hygene.

Plague Prevention

How many of you brush your teeth but eat white sugar and corn syrup? how many of you consume white bread? How about things that are clearly poisonous like Aspartame, food coloring, paracetamol and cigarettes? This is internal hygiene and it’s just as important as external hygiene. Together, they make you a clean and healthy person. On my next article I will elaborate on proven, tested and effective ways to cure cancer without poisoning your body and\or going bankrupt.

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The Higgs Boson Experiment – What Is The God Particle?

God Particle - The Large Hadron Collider (CERN)

The Large Hadron Collider – Image from CERN


People interested in PHYSICS?!

Apparently it happens sometimes. You’ve probably heard about the huge media buzz that was formed around the field of physics recently, upon the detection of a subatomic particle that has the behavioral attributes of the Higgs boson, a.k.a. “the God particle”. This discovery, made in Switzerland at the large hadron collider on July 4th 2012, is huge for mankind and our understanding of the universe and how it works. I think everyone should have a basic understanding of the structure of the universe. It’s both important and beautiful. Don’t believe me? Read on.

God Particle - Big Bang

How does it work?

The idea of how the universe is built is a pretty easy one to simplify, but extremely difficult to comprehend at first. I will give you the basics, so try to stick with me here. In order to simplify things as much as possible, I’ll divide my explanation into three parts: Matter, Force and Bosons. I know, it sounds pretty heavy. It’s not, It’s actually fascinating and abstract and beautiful.


God particle - Atom

A general model of an atom

As you probably already know, all matter is made of particles. For quite a long time atoms were believed to be the most basic (smallest) particle in the universe, but then scientists learned that atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons. Today we know that there are twelve basic particles of matter, six quarks and six leptons, which together make subatomic particles that make atoms that make all matter. These are the blocks from which the universe is built. I won’t elaborate on these because it’s really insignificant for a basic understanding. I don’t want to over complicate unnecessary things because it would turn this article into an extremely long book. This isn’t Wikipedia, I want to try to keep this interesting. And You are now one out of three steps to an understanding of the god particle!


God particle - Force

Ok, maybe five.


There are four forces that act in the universe, four and four alone. Any physical interaction between any number of things can be described using these four forces: gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force.

God particle - Gravity


Gravity is a force that works between all matters that have mass. This means that if you have mass, you have a gravitational field around you. Objects with large mass have a strong gravitational field (like our sun) and objects with small mass have a weak gravitational field (like a human being – That’s right, you have a gravitational field of your own). Gravity has no distance limit and it would work even between the lightest of particles at the farthest of distances. Gravity is unique because it only works one way – it always attracts and never repels.

God particle - Electromagnetism


Electromagnetism is a force that works between particles with electrical charges. If you heard of the phrase “opposites attract”, this is its origin. Particles with opposite charges are attracted towards one another, and particles with similar charges are repelled from one another. This force, like gravity, is also?not limited by distance. (Physics/biology fun fact – everything visible to the human eye is in fact emissions of electromagnetic waves of lengths within a certain spectrum! That spectrum is called “The Spectrum of Visible Light” and it’s a very small part of the full electromagnetic spectrum)

God particle - strong nuclear force

The strong nuclear force

The strong nuclear force is a short ranged force that binds together the protons and neutrons within the nucleus of an atom. It’s called the strong force because it keeps the protons from repelling each other, and thereby keeping the atom nucleus stable (all protons have positive electronic charges, so they’re naturally repelled from each other). This means that in its range of effect, the strong nuclear force is stronger than the electromagnetic force.

God Particle - Beta Decay

The weak nuclear force

is another short ranged force. Basically it is so short ranged; you could say it works within subatomic particles. The weak force meditates beta decay ??the process of a subatomic particle decomposing into other subatomic particles. For example, it could emit an electron and an antineutrino out of a neutron, turning it into a proton. If you don’t understand this description, simply ignore it. “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” anyway. If you still want to understand, feel free to ask me. Btw, That was step two of three towards understanding the god particle. Bare with me just a little more, the next part is the fun part where we’ll tie it all together.

God particle - newtonBosons

Here’s the fun part – An apple fell on Sir Isaac Newton’s head. You’ve heard that one before, right? That’s how he discovered gravity, or at least that’s how the myth says it happened. So what pulled the apple down?

God particle- Bosons as the leash

did you forget something?

If you know your basic physics, you’re probably thinking that it’s the earth’s gravitational field. You have the right answer, but it’s a partial right answer, and here’s why: Say you’re walking your dog, and the dog sees a squirrel and tries to chase it. You tug?on the leash to pull the dog closer to you. It would be correct to describe this scenario as you pulling the dog, just like it would be correct to describe the earth’s gravity as pulling the apple, but it’s only partially correct because you don’t account for the leash. In this metaphor, your pull stands for force, the dog stands for matter and guess what the leash stands for?

Bosons are basic particles that act as the universe’s leash. There are five types of bosons we are aware of: Photons carry the electromagnetic force, gluons carry the strong nuclear force, the emission and absorption of W and Z bosons generate the weak nuclear force and of course there’s the Higgs boson, a.k.a “The god particle”, which carries mass. Bosons are the link between matter and force. They attach themselves to basic particles (quarks and leptons) to compose bigger particles (like protons and electrons) which are effected by the four forces of nature. To demonstrate, let’s look at an average neutron. neutrons are made of three quarks. Normally, they are effected by gravity (they have mass) and the strong nuclear force (they dwell within the nucleus of atoms). this means that apart from the three quarks, there are also bosons in the neutron’s composition. Since we know which forces work on the neutron, we can?deduce that which bosons are also present in its composition, in this case, Higgs bosons (gravity) and Gluons (strong nuclear force).

God particle - Higgs event (image credit: CERN)

Higgs event – Image from CERN

The God Particle

The god particle attaches itself to other basic particles, and thereby gives them the property of mass.? It’s that simple ??if you have the god particle in your composition, you’re massive to some extent, just like if you have photons in your composition, you’re electromagnetic to some extent! Mass is what makes anything into matter. Without the god particle, there would be no mass, and therefore no matter. Since all material existence is dependent on the presence of the Higgs boson, it was controversially nicknamed “The God Particle”.

We already learned that everything that has mass also has a gravitational field. Now imagine this: There’s a field spread all across the universe, end to end, It’s everywhere around you. This is a field that interacts with everything that has mass, which means gravity is created within this field. This is known as the “Higgs field”. The Higgs boson is the particle that interacts with this field.

Personally I find this theory beautiful. You have 6 leptons, 6 quarks and 4 bosons that make all matter, and you have 4 forces acting between them. To me this breaks existence itself into such basic building blocks, it’s almost alchemy.

God particle - Higgs event (image credit: CERN)

On Pi day (march 14th), 2013, it was confirmed that the particle which was observed at CERN was in fact, the Higgs boson. The only uncertainty remaining is whether it was the standard model Higgs boson, or some exotic form of it. Most scientists agree that it was the standard model Higgs boson, but that remains to be proven.

I hope this article quenched your thirst for knowledge, and I hope it was simple enough to understand even without any former knowledge of physics. I enjoyed writing it and I always welcome reader’s feedback (As long as you keep religion out of it. It’s an insult to your and my intelligence, and to the hard work that was put into researching this beautiful theory and writing this article)

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