HIV Symptoms – 3 Red Lights That Tell You To Get Tested

AIDS symptoms appear relatively late in an HIV infection. The infection usually doesn’t get diagnosed until it’s full-blown AIDS, because HIV affects the body in a very specific way that causes a wide range of problems.
On the first article in this series I explained the basic structure of the HIV virus and its life cycle, how it enters the body and why it’s so difficult to cure. On this article I’ll explain how it affects the body once it’s already inside.

What makes HIV so scary that we make sure to be aware of it and warn our children about it? How can you recognize HIV symptoms and What are they? How to know if you’re infected? And what makes the HIV virus lethal?

These are all important questions that I believe every sexually mature person should know the answer to.

T Helper Lymphocytes
HIV Symptoms - Traffic regulator

T helper Lymphocytes (A.k.a CD4 cells/TH?cells) are part of the body’s immune system. Arguably, they are the most important part of it. They don’t fight infections themselves, but rather activate the body’s defense systems against various pathogens. They act as a foreman to the rest of the immune system ??they regulate the system’s response. Basically, TH?cells direct other cells to kill infected cells and eliminate pathogens. If the TH?cells are incapacitated, the immune system is never called to action and the body does not fight any hostile pathogens. This creates a situation in which even microbes that are usually harmless can cause serious damage. This situation is called “Anergy”, and it basically means that the immune system can’t utilize its antibodies. I won’t elaborate on the biological methods these cells implement or on their course of action and life cycle because it’s extremely long and complicated, and it’s not essential to this subject.

Location Location Location

The HIV virus infects T helper Lymphocytes almost exclusively. The HIV provirus uses the genetic materials in TH?cells to reproduce and create more HIV retrovirus cells. This takes the infected TH?cell out of commission, leaving the immune system unable to respond. The body has a great army of defensive forces ??but they aren’t issued any commands.

A Grim Outcome

HIV Symptoms - Grim ReaperHIV is not lethal. AIDS is not lethal. In a world with no other infections, HIV wouldn’t bother us at all. The problem is that our world is far from sterility and AIDS makes the body vulnerable to even the most trivial pathogens. This means that if a person has AIDS, nothing bad would happen to them. But if someone with AIDS is exposed to, say, a common cold ??that person’s cause of death would be a fatal case of the common cold. That’s what happens when the body’s defense army sleeps through an attack. The body simply cannot defend itself. This is why, when untreated people with AIDS have a life capacity of approximately five years.

How to Diagnose HIV Symptoms

While it’s possible to divide an HIV infection into many sub-phases, HIV infection goes through 3 major periods:

Acute infection (Acute Retroviral Syndrome – ARS)

ARS is the phase in which the virus multiplies and incubates. Mainly, this is the phase in which a person turns from healthy to infected. The HIV virus is using the T helper lymphocytes to multiply, destroying them in the process. This leads to a very steep plunge in the CD4 cell count, so the disease is already diagnosable in this phase, but only by a specific test. ARS has commonly been described as feeling like the “worst flu ever”. This is the manifestation of the immune system’s combat against HIV before it gets suppressed and before arriving to the “Viral Set Point”, which is a stable level of virus presence in the blood. Once reaching the Viral set point CD4 count begins to increase again, but it may not reach its usual, pre-infection level.?ARS phase HIV infection often gets misdiagnosed as Mononucleosis. People who aren’t in high-risk groups usually don’t get tested for HIV upon displaying the symptoms. They usually appear within ten to fourteen days from the day of exposure. Most people have suffered from all of them, separately or combined, at some point in life:

  • HIV Symptoms - FeverFever
  • Sore Throat
  • Rashes
  • Joint Pains
  • Muscle pains
  • Headaches
  • Swollen Lymph nodes
  • Meningitis (Occurs in only about a fifth of the patients and usually heals without complications)

Women may also manifest the following symptoms:

  • Reoccurring vaginal infections caused by candida and without clear etiology (such as taking antibiotics)
  • Reoccurring, large, painful vaginal herpes lesions
  • Pre-malignant transitions in the cervical

Clinical Latency (Asymptomatic\Chronic HIV infection)

HIV Symptoms - UnawareIn the clinical latency phase the subject is just a carrier, and would feel entirely normal. No symptoms would appear at all and he\she may keep maintaining a sexually active lifestyle, infecting other sexual partners. Sadly, most carriers aren’t aware of the disease until phase three, and so they spread it, unknowingly. The only symptoms are a slow and steady decrease in CD4 cells, and in about a tenth of carriers, swollen lymph nodes. However, with the decrease of the CD4 cell count (and the closer it gets to 200 cells/mm3), the following diseases will appear more frequently:

  • Skin Infections
  • Mucus Membrane Infections
  • Epstein??arr virus (EBV)
  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis outbreaks (Rare)

The clinical latency phase usually lasts for to 8 years and longer If untreated. Usually, 50% of carriers will have full-blown AIDS within ten years, 30% will show minor symptoms of Immunodeficiency and 20% will remain carriers. Younger subjects have a higher chance of staying in the clinical latency phase for longer.

AIDS (has two sub-phases)

Aids is the last period and usually the one in which the HIV infection is detected. In the two previous periods, a specific test had to be taken in order to tell if the subject is infected. In this period, HIV infection is complete and the subject now has AIDS, which is detectable by a blood test. A healthy person has a CD4 count of 500-1600 cells per cubic millimeter. If a person has below 200 CD4 cells/mm3, that person will be diagnosed with AIDS. Having so little CD4 cells, the immune system becomes insufficient to protect the body, and the subject becomes vulnerable to opportunistic infections. If untreated, people with Aids have a life expectancy of about three to five years, but if a dangerous opportunistic infection occurs, the subject’s life expectancy dramatically drops to about one year. The final stage of AIDS occurs when the CD4 count goes below 50 cells/mm3. The immunodeficiency becomes so severe that the subject is chronically sick for no apparent reason. The symptoms are systemic and unexplained and may include:

  • Chronic Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Night Sweating
  • Unwanted weight loss

Red Bulbs and Warning Signs – Preceding?HIV Symptoms

HIV Symptoms - Blood test poster

The symptoms of HIV are usually very common, so it would be unwise to go and get tested for HIV every time they appear. However, there are some conditions in which a person should consider getting tested for HIV. Don’t procrastinate, if any of the following symptoms appear in you, go and get tested immediately!

  1. Reoccurring vaginal infections caused by candida and without clear etiology (such as taking antibiotics)
  2. Reoccurring large, painful herpes lesions on the genitalia
  3. Pre-malignant\malignant transitions in the cervical

Unfortunately (or fortunately) men suffer fewer symptoms than women in the early stages of HIV, that’s why they are also harder to diagnose. That’s why people (both men and women) who lead a sexually active lifestyle should go and get tested for HIV periodically.?Even if you don’t show any of those warning lights but afraid you might be infected, get tested asap.? The test is a simple saliva or blood test, it isn’t very painful and it could save you and the people you love a lot of pain, a lot of sadness and some pre-time deaths. You can even order a?test and check yourself at home. If you have undiagnosed HIV and you’re having unprotected sex, then you have caused terrible agony and killed people who love you against your own will, and that’s the worst thing I can think of to find out about yourself.

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Give all the love you can give and keep those who return it safe.
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HIV Transmission Process And 6 Busted Myths About It

Hiv Transmission - HIV Structure

What is AIDS?

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), may finally have a cure.
This has been a sangréal for health scientists around the globe for many years now.
HIV is a retrovirus, and Retroviruses in general are very hard to fight because they create an “all around” kind of infection – from free cells in the bloodstream to strains of virus DNA implanted within the DNA of the infected body. Another problem is that HIV transmission happens all the time, because most of the people who are infected aren’t even aware of it.

How HIV Transmission Works

Here’s the story of how you HIV transmission and most other retroviruses operate. Don’t worry, I’ll sum it up in the end:
A retrovirus cell or cells enter your body and approaches one of the body’s cells, HIV transmission usually occurs in a T helper lymphocyte, other viruses attack other cell types.
The retrovirus cell’s membrane and the body cell’s membrane then connect via a specific receptor, and the contents of the retrovirus cell enters the body cell.
The virus’ cell contains two things by definition – RNA and reverse transcriptase.
RNA is basically an unpaired strain of DNA (single helix) – it contains a genetic code and usually it is used in various processes in any living creature’s body like DNA duplication and bio-messaging.
Reverse transcriptase is an enzyme that builds complementary DNA (cDNA) out of an RNA template.
It’s called reverse transcriptase because commonly, RNA is transcripted from DNA, and not the other way around.
This process of reverse transcription is also the source of the name RETROvirus.
The cDNA is just partial DNA, which is to be implemented within a cell’s genome by an enzyme called Integrase.
Integrase can’t tell the difference between a valid cDNA and a virus’ cDNA, so it implants the virus cDNA in the cell’s nucleus, within the genome, thus creating a provirus.
The cell is now controlled by the virus. I had a professor that described it once as a “zombie slave” cell (yeesssss massstter…..). That’s the most accurate analogy I can think of.
So now that the cell is infected and is obeying the virus’ so-called bidding, it uses its enzymes to re-create the virus’ RNA from the cell’s DNA.
It also creates proteins that are vital to the creation of a new retrovirus.
The two new RNA strains and proteins then move to the surface of the cell, thus creating a new, immature retrovirus.
The new retrovirus slowly gets separated from the cell within a membrane of its own, this process is called “Budding”.
Before the separation finishes, an enzyme called Protease releases the excess proteins – the new retrovirus is now mature and ready for action, so to speak.
Then occurs membrane separation, which sends a new retrovirus in its own membrane out into the bloodstream to infect the DNA of other cells and reproduce itself further.

To sum up the process:

  1. Retrovirus enters bloodstream.
  2. Virus RNA infiltrates a cell.
  3. cell DNA gets infected (provirus).
  4. cell “enslaved” (zombie mode).
  5. new virus RNA and proteins created within the infected cell – a new, immature retrovirus is created.
  6. retrovirus matures and departs into the blood stream to repeat the process on another cell.

so now that we know what a retrovirus does when it gets into the blood stream, lets review the ways that it can get into it in the first place. Retroviruses in general can be transmitted by three means:

  • Cell-to-cell
  • body fluids
  • airborne

Hiv Transmission - Life CycleThe HIV virus is not a very durable to environmental conditions, so it can not be transmitted by air. In fact, it can only survive in specific bodily fluids. Here they are, sorted by HIV prevalence:

  1. Blood (including menstrual blood)
  2. Semen
  3. Vaginal secretions
  4. Breast milk

Although it can survive in all of these fluids, HIV is most common where it’s most comfortable – in the blood. That’s why so many drug junkies have AIDS, sharing needles is one of the most certain ways to get AIDS.

The retrovirus floating through the first injector’s blood stream sticks to the needle, and the excess blood on the needle provides a cosy home for it until the blood stream of the next junkie comes to wash it away.
Unprotected vaginal and anal sex are also high risk practices – many times during intercourse, tiny cuts and sores are manifested on the genitals and/or the rectum and anus. These cuts are so tiny they usually go unnoticed, but they exist and they are big enough for blood to drip through. It is possible that both participants blood will mix directly but even if it doesn’t, the mucous membranes can be directly infected by contact with blood, semen, or vaginal secretions.

HIV can be transmitted by unprotected oral sex, but it’s not as likely. Since the HIV virus can’t survive in saliva, oral sex is considered relatively low-risk. The digestive enzymes in the saliva usually disassemble the retrovirus before it can enter the bloodstream. Unless there is an open wound in the mouth of the performer, it’s highly unlikely to get infected.

Another (terrible) way to get AIDS is from your mom. Yo mama so filthy, ah.. nevermind. Anyway, according to, there is a 10%-20% risk that an HIV positive mother would transmit HIV to her baby during birth. The risk is even higher if the baby is exposed to HIV infected blood or body-fluids in the process, which is more than likely. Another way HIV gets transmitted by mothers to their children is breastfeeding, the breast milk of HIV positive mothers is likely to have some amount of ?HIV virus cells in it.

How HIV Transmission Doesn’t work – MythBusting

  1. From somebody’s saliva – Kissing somebody with HIV or AIDS – HIV does NOT survive in saliva, unless both participants have open wounds on their tounges – there’s no risk. Feel free to pass them a doobie, if that’s what you’re into.
  2. From somebody’s sweat – You can exercise with someone who has HIV or AIDS, play ball together and sweat all over each other. It’s perfectly safe.
  3. Hugging a person with HIV or AIDS is completely safe.
  4. From somebody’s tears – You can hold someone with HIV or AIDS in your arms for comfort and let them cry on your shoulder. It’s what friends do and it’s also perfectly safe.
  5. From somebody’s urine – I’m not going to elaborate on that.
  6. From somebody’s feces – I’m definitely not going to elaborate on that.

    Hiv Transmission - Ribbon

It’s highly unlikely that you would let someone with HIV or AIDS defecate, urinate, cry or sweat all over you for no reason, but in the off-chance that you’d have such contact – you can relax. Besides, AIDS today is a manageable disease. Modern science turned it from lethal to chronic, and hopefully soon, to treatable. A lot of people with HIV and AIDS are in loving relationships and they hug, kiss, cuddle, give and receive love and comfort and have protected sex with their loved ones. It’s really a challenge to get infected with HIV without shooting up drugs with used needles or having unsafe sex. If you worry you might be infected with HIV, go and get tested. There’s even one kind of?HIV test that you can order online and use on yourself at home that has FDA approval.

So what did we have here? use condoms, don’t share needles. You’ll be fine.

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Stay healthy and protected.
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Omega 3 – 7 Things It Can Do For You

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3Omega 3 is a certain group of polyunsaturated fatty acids in our body. Fatty acids are considered “good fats” and they occur when fats are broken down. Fatty acids are organic, not highly soluble in water and they can be used by most cells as a source of energy. They have many benefits for our body and therefore are an important part of a healthy diet. There are three acid types in the Omega 3 group: ALA, DHA and EPA. DHA and EPA can be synthesized in the liver from ALA. However, ALA has to be obtained from an external (vegetable) source. The main function of omega 3 fatty acids in our body is to maintain optimal cell membrane flexibility in order for the cell to be able to transmit and receive biological “messages”.

Omega 3 Foods

Omega 3 can be found in a large variety of foods. However, different Omega 3 acids come from different food sources. In my next articles about Omega 3, I will specify in greater detail which acids are found in which foods. Here’s a short list of foods with contents rich in various types of Omega 3:

ALA – Vegetable seed oils (Soy, Canola, hemp, flax, chia and more), walnuts.

EPA&DHA ??Cold water fish, Fish oil.

DHA ??Seaweed.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Fish oil has long been known as a great and reliable source of Omega 3. It’s a great, natural and completely organic way of supplying your body with Omega 3. Ask the oldest person you know about Cod liver oil, they’ll tell you all about how their grandma made them eat one spoonful a day, every day. Great great granny knows best ;-). Today’s fish oil is obviously a lot cleaner and much purer than what your family elders had to put up with, but the principal is the same. Fish oil today is even safer for consumption due to a high level of refinement, so there’s no need to worry about mercury and other fish contaminations. If you’re looking for a high quality-low cost omega-3 fish oil supplement, click the bottle on the right to be transferred to herbspro. For vegans and vegetarians, there are also vegetarian supplements made of seaweed. These will supply your body with DHA fatty acids.

Omega 3 Benefits

As I wrote before, Omega 3 helps maintain optimal cell-membrane consistency. This helps all the cell organs to communicate better with our body and therefore improve the function of various systems in our body. Here are some of the things it can help you with:

  • Slow cognitive aging
  • Help developmental disorders such as ADHD
  • Help bi-polar disorder derived depressions
  • Prevent cell inflammation
  • Improve cases of arthritis
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Reduce blood pressure

There are actually a lot more things Omega 3 can help you with. More extensive and type specific benefits lists will be included in my next articles about Omega 3. It is recommended to consume 800 to 1000mgs of Omega 3 each day to achieve proper balance.

omega 3 - fish stinkOmega 3 Side Effects

Unfortunately, Omega 3 has some rare but possible side-effects such as:

Nausea, fish taste in your mouth, fish breath, fish-smelling belches, fishy body odor, stomach ache, sometimes increased LDL levels, bloating, intestinal gas, increased risk of bleeding,? Vitamin toxicity (A and D), allergic reactions and some other scarce occurrences.

Basically, the most usual ones are the ones involving you turning stinky.?Don’t worry though, most people who take omega-3 don’t experience any side-effects at all except for slight improvements in overall health :)

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Male Pattern Baldness – Why You’ll Keep Losing Your Hair

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness - brittle hairMale Pattern Baldness?is a medical condition that affects many men and women, and some primates as well. In medical terms, it is known as Androgenic Alopecia (AGA). The reason for it is still unclear, but there are several hypotheses about it. Among those estimated causes are genetics, stress and hormones.

My Time to Shine

Male pattern baldness - frustration

Just shoot me.

I started balding when I was 21 years old. That’s right, still in my mandatory service in the Israeli army I was balding. I blamed stress and anger, which I had plenty of both in my service. But isn’t that a stupid mechanism? doesn’t losing your hair due to mental stress seem far too stupid for evolution? Even if you’re a creationist you’ve got to admit ??this is pretty stupid for an intelligent design. I can’t find any logical explanation why an organism should start?slowly losing his hair when stressed or nervous. Well, I’ve had enough. I’ve decided it’s time to figure this whole thing out. Starting with what brings this curse to possess our scalps, leaving our heads shiny and exposed to the weather. Once I’ll get to the bottom of this, I’ll decide what I’m going to do about my own situation. is all hope lost?

Male Pattern Baldness Genetics

Male pattern baldness - bald eagle

Somewhat distinguished.

This is the simple way out of explaining this thing, the Ockham’s razor. The most commonly known assumption is: “If your dad’s dad was bald, you will be bald as well.” But that’s not accurate. There is a lot of research concerning the genetic causes of male pattern baldness?constantly being performed, and there is slow and sure progress constantly being made. All that is known so far is that men whose fathers show male pattern baldness are about 2.5 times more likely to suffer the same condition themselves. The balding of male members on the mother’s side of the family is almost irrelevant, though. According to research, some of the genes that are strongly associated with male pattern baldness?are X-linked and recessive. That?means that they are connected to genes on the X-chromosome.?This explains why male pattern baldness?is not as common in women ??both of their X-chromosomes need to express the same specific defects in order for male pattern baldness?to appear.

Other Male Pattern Baldness Causes

Male pattern baldness - Cue ball

Just a cue-ball.

While genetics play a major role in the manifestation of male pattern baldness, there are
other factors that contribute to this condition. If this is the first article you read about male pattern baldness, memorize the name “Dihydrotestosterone” (DHT). Excess of DHT is the primary pathological cause of male pattern baldness, and it is also the pathological condition treated by anti-balding meds like Propecia. DHT is what testosterone turns into in the skin, prostate, glandular tissues and of course in hair follicles in order to bind its androgen receptor and carry its biological effect. If you’d do some researching of your own, you will find many other possible causes for male pattern baldness. However, these are negligible. If you have male pattern baldness, It’s probably either genetics or irregular hormone levels. It’s highly unlikely that you’re going from fuzz to shine due to say, minor exposure to radiation. When you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras (Until you see a striped buttock).

Male Pattern Baldness?Signs and Symptoms

Male pattern baldness - example

Textbook example of male pattern baldness

male pattern baldness?is not the only reason a person might go bald, but it’s easy to diagnose. It’s called?male pattern balding for a reason. People who lose their hair from male pattern baldness?will only go bald on the top of their scalp. The sides of the head will not lose a single hair. The hair-line usually begins to recede from the front, creating an “M” shaped hair-line over the forehead. Afterwards, the hair will start thinning at the top of the head (at the vertex), creating a bald spot which spreads to the rest of the head. Eventually, the receding hairline meets the spreading baldness leaving the head completely bald on top.

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

Currently there are a lot of treatment methods and natural solutions to treat male pattern baldness and most of them have proven to be surprisngly successful. However, only two treatments are FDA approved:

Minoxidil (Rogaine/Rogaine foam)

Originally a treatment for high blood pressure, Minoxidil was found to have an interesting side effect – it encourages hair growth and darkens body hair. The Upjohn Corporation developed a topical solution with low concentrations (5% for men, 2% for women) of Minoxidil to treat hair loss and commercially named it Rogaine. While Rogaine has been proven to work in many cases, it is usually less effective when there is a large area of hair loss. Also, it is meant for use on vertex hair loss only, which means it won’t help a receding hair-line. Minoxidil is mostly used to treat young men who suffered the symptoms of male pattern baldness?for a very limited time. Under those conditions, it usually proves to be very effective. Upon discontinuing treatment, the hair usually returns to its prior state within two to three months.

Male pattern baldness - Pill

Finasteride (Propecia/Proscar)

A “man malfunction patch”. If it didn’t have side?effects, I’d recommend all men to take it as preventive treatment. While increased levels of testosterone have their perks, they also cause troubles. Finasteride is approved for treating both male pattern baldness?and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), which are both very common among men. In fact, these conditions are so common that almost all men suffer at least one of them at some point. Finasteride works by reducing the conversion of Testosterone to DHT, thereby preventing an excess of DHT. The results of treating male pattern baldness?with Finasteride are astonishing. Among the subject group, 48% of men experienced visible hair growth and 42% suffered no further hair loss. Like Minoxidil, upon discontinuing treatment the hair returns to its prior state within eight months. This drug, however, is associated with some nasty side effects: erectile dysfunction, diminished libido, depression, anxiety, birth defects, and more. It also interrupts early detection of prostatic cancer. So you better give at least three thoughts before you use it.

Natural Solutions

There are some other ways to treat male pattern baldness. Most of them have been proven effective but won’t work on everyone. Their biggest advantages, however, are that they aren’t expensive (usually) and that they have very little side-effects, if any. Before introducing any needless chemicals to your body, it might be a good idea to try out one of these. There are both pills and topical solutions in this department. I’m going to recommend the most common ones because in my opinion, when it comes to natural medicine, the most common is the better proven. For a topical solution, you can use Rosemary essential oil. You can get it at?HerbsPro?for a good price and in various nature shops. If you prefer to try taking tabs, you can try NuHair regrowth for men or NuHair regrowth for women. Both are natural and proven quite effective.

Where am I going with this?

Male pattern baldness - Head Shaving is the ultimate cure

The Best Solution.


To sum things up, male pattern baldness?is annoying. It’s nothing more than an inconvenience and its only effect is making you a little less pretty (not necessarily less attractive), you wuss.?Should you treat it? That depends; how much do you really care about your hair?If the natural treatments and Minoxidil didn’t work for you, do you think regrowing hair is worth the side effects from Finasteride??Do you really think shaving your head will make you ugly? In any case, if you do decide to treat it with Finasteride, I think you should make sure neither rosemary oil, NuHair and Minoxidil don’t work. The side-effects aren’t nearly as severe and if they prove to be effective you can just keep using them. Finasteride is taken by swallowing a pill, it’s chemical and has side effects and some of them are pretty nasty. If you decide that you’re too embarrassed to live with a bald head, think hard and deep and make your decision. It helps in about 90% of the cases, but it can also cause REAL medical problems. I had bad hair, I like the way it is now much better. Honestly, I was considering Finasteride before writing this article, but now there’s just no way will I take it. The side effects scare me far too much. I’m going to let nature keep running its course on me because the bottom line is: I much rather have thinning hair than risk a malfunctioning penis. Decisions decisions, I know?

10 Reasons To Start A Gluten Free Diet

Gluten Free Diet - Ice CreamWhat is gluten and what foods contain gluten

Gluten is a protein found in foods processed from wheat and many other grains. It’s basically what gives dough its texture ??before baking, it’s what makes the dough elastic, and it helps it keep its shape. While baking it contributes to helping the dough rise by thickening it’s consistency and not letting the gasses emitted from the yeast escape, and while eating, Gluten is what gives most baked foods their chewy and pleasant texture. If you tried to bake a loaf of bread (or any other pastry, really) without gluten or any synthetic substitute for gluten, you’d get a dry loaf of hard crust. All the gases that usually make the dough rise would be able to escape because the dough won’t be thick enough to hold them in. After baking, if you’d try to bite it ??it will crumble to pieces. Gluten acts as a glue, so to speak, within pastries. In other foods, gluten is sometimes used as a stabilizer to help keep the product’s consistency. I think the most commonly known examples for this are ice cream and ketchup, but many other foods (Blue cheese, hard candy, instant coffee, mustard, beer…) contain gluten as well. I think it’s safe to say that if you don’t intentionally avoid gluten – you consume it on a daily basis.

Gluten Free Diet - PizzaReasons to start a gluten free diet

  1. Many modern food items contain disproportionate?amounts of gluten – fried foods, fast foods, processed foods, fat foods, sweets – they all contain gluten by the bunch. Consider how healthier you’d be if you avoided all these things – that’s how healthier you’d be on a gluten-free diet.
  2. Gluten intolerance is usually an acquired allergy that you can get by consuming to much gluten. In it’s most severe form it’s called Celiac and if you have it, you can’t have any more gluten for the rest of your life, not even as an occassional treat.
  3. less chances of heart diseases.
  4. less chances of cancer.
  5. less chances of diabetes.
  6. less chances of overweight
  7. less chances of fatigue.
  8. less chances of insomnia.
  9. Due to eating healthy, your body gets balanced chemically and more resilient to harmful factors, so there are less chances of general illnesses.
  10. It’s a great and healthy weight-loss diet.

Gluten Free Diet - Yael Kitty AvidanReasons not to start a gluten free diet

Yeah I said it. And I meant it, too, but I’m taking it back. Before properly researching, I could only see one giant clear disadvantage about the whole thing ??boredom. I like to eat, and I like diversity in my food. a gluten-free diet sounded too restricting to me. Then I roamed the backwoods of a mysterious place called “Google”. Oh, the sights these eyes have seen. ?One of many beautiful things about the internet is the way it allows us to connect with different people in similar situations. And Celiac is apparently a pretty common condition. In fact, you probably know someone who has it. The amount of blogs and websites concerning gluten-free diets and gluten-free recipes is absolutely overwhelming. I tried to browse some recipes from different sites and they all seemed pretty great. So really, if you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle, a gluten-free diet is one of your better options. I really like “Gluten Free Mommy” – It has a ton of recipes in it, most of them are relatively easy and the website is very easy on the eyes.

Some Words To The Wise

Just some percussions ??/p>

  1. The FDA demands food manufacturers to label gluten-free foods. This means it has no gluten, but it might still have traces of gluten! This can pose as a real health threat to people with celiac (and other conditions)? and a nuisance for people who try to regulate their gluten intake so achtung, baby.
  2. Don’t overdo it. Don’t overdo anything. Ever. Or you’ll quit and give up on yourself for a while and get super fat and then you’ll have to really break some sweat. It’s not science, but it’s true for many people.
  3. If you don’t like this regime and you don’t have a health condition that compels you to it, quit it and try another. Staying healthy should not come over the expense of staying happy or strong. An army marches on its stomach, you know.

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Stay happy and healthy.
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Do You Have Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency is a very popular search topic on the internet, and as a result, there is an incredible amount of informative websites regarding this topic. In fact, the variety is so vast, people have trouble finding the information they’re looking for so I’ve decided to sum it all up for you.

Vitamin D Deficiency

What is vitamin D?

Vitamin D is not a single material, but the name for a specific group of fat soluble pheromones. It is also known as “The Sunshine Vitamin” because adequate sun exposure triggers its synthesis (from cholesterol) in the skin. There are five forms of vitamin D known to us, numbered D1 to D5. D2 and D3 are the most significant to humans. The function of vitamin D in our bodies is to help us absorb and process calcium and phosphorus, the second and third most essential minerals in our bodies (after potassium).

Why do we need vitamin D?

Vitamin D Deficiency - SkeletonAs I wrote above, vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium and phosphorous. Calcium is the most common mineral in the human body and it has various functions;?Calcium builds and maintains our bones and teeth. Without calcium our bones become brittle and our teeth decay and eventually fall. In the nervous system, some of the charge carrying channels in cell membranes are made of calcium. Calcium also helps ease insomnia (sleep deprivation), assists blood clotting, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol level and more.

As for phosphorus, most of the phosphorus in the human body is concentrated in the skeleton. However, it is also present in cell membranes,? cholesterol (both HDL and LDL) and in many of the body’s biochemical processes. It is extremely important for the conversion of nutrients into energy and some researches even suggest that it can enhance athletic performance, but the results are inconsistent.

Vitamin D deficiency causes and solutions

Vitamin D Deficiency - SunStarting with the obvious ??sunlight exposure. All you(us..) internet rats out there who know your memes better than you know the weather outside, you are all in the high probability focus group for vitamin D deficiency . A certain amount of sunlight is good for your health as long as you don’t exaggerate and use appropriate protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, etc).

Vitamin D deficiency supplements

HerbsPro Offers Special Deals for the month of September - Additional 5% off on all Vitamins & Supplements, Enter DSC201077 to avail this offer.Continuing with another obvious ??malnutrition. The thing is, if you don’t like fish, you’re screwed. Fish and sea food (cod liver oil in particular) are the best nutritional sources for vitamin D. the next best things are tofu, soymilk, eggs and milk. There are vitamin D supplements you can take but in my opinion, if you can give your body what it needs without introducing needless chemicals, then that’s the way to go. If you decide to take supplements, make sure they’re all natural. I recommend HerbsPro’s supplements. They do the trick, they aren’t chemical and they’re pretty much always on sale.


Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

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Usually people associate vitamin D deficiency with bone related problems. It’s true that the importance of vitamin D to bone health is undeniable, but there are other, less known symptoms that can be just as serious and hazardous to your health. In the skeleton, vitamin D deficiency causes the bones to weaken and can cause Rickets, a disease that softens the bones. In the long-term, vitamin D deficiency greatly raises a person’s chances to suffer from Osteoporosis at old age. These are the most famous symptoms, but apart from those, vitamin D deficiency causes many other problems such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, depression, insomnia, back pains, muscle spasms, autoimmune diseases, acne, tiredness, kidney diseases, psoriasis, diabetes, increased amounts of asthma attacks, periodontal diseases and schizophrenia. Fever is almost never caused directly by vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency treatments

Vitamin D Deficiency - SunscreenAdequate sun exposure

A nice day at the beach every now and again won’t kill you. Now I’m not saying that you should go “jersey shore” and get yourself a beach granny, brown leather, cancer imminent?kind of tan, but you can still go out there and get yourself some color, you will look and feel better. Just remember not to overdo it and to use appropriate sun protection, because as you probably already know, inadequate sun exposure can cause cancer, and we don’t want any of that.

Vitamin D Deficiency - Fish

Dietary changes

If your health is not at risk due to your eating habits, I wouldn’t recommend a dramatic change of diet. Even if you plan to change diet completely you should do it gradually, because drastic changes don’t usually stick. I mean, if you eat certain things because those are the things you like to eat, eventually you’re gonna go back to eating them. And unless they damage your health, there is nothing wrong with that. Instead of turning your entire menu upside down, just add one spoon of cod liver oil per day, eat a fish every now and again, that sort of stuff. Like junk food? Order the fish sandwich instead of the usual hamburger occasionally instead of depriving yourself of junk food entirely. Because although it’s a change for the better, going cold turkey on any addiction usually leads to relapse. If you want to cut a bad habit, do it gradually and responsibly. There really isn’t that much to it. Don’t go killing yourself over this, you really don’t need to. Slow and minor changes should easily do the trick.

Vitamin D Deficiency - SunshineBottom line

Vitamin D deficiency is a very common, very serious and very easily (and enjoyably) treatable condition.? If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, and I believe most people suffer from at least one of them, you can easily be tested for vitamin D deficiency. Juts go to your doctor and take a blood test. If your vitamin D levels are too low, you now know how easily you can treat it. The bottom line is not to neglect yourself. The minor things that bother you today might become major tomorrow, and that’s why you should nip them in the bud. So eat your fish, take your supplements, absorb a little sunshine, and you should be just about fine.

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Stay well, stay happy and feel free to leave me a comment with your questions :)
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Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms – From Brain Zaps To Bipolarity

Cymbalta is the commercial name of duloxetine, an SNRI (Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor) commonly used to treat cases of severe depression and sometimes chronic pain that originates from the nervous system or diabetes related issues.

While this medication does a lot of good, withdrawing from it could get pretty ugly. The process may differ from one person to another, but the bottom line stays the same – you will suffer some temporary sickness and you will eventually be OK.


There’s a significant list of symptoms that a person may suffer while they are on withdrawal from Cymbalta. The list of symptoms specified in this article is a partial list of the symptoms which was composed from my memory of my own experience with Cymbalta withdrawal, and the experiences of others who shared their stories online. A person is likely to suffer from the symptoms specified in this article, but nothing is certain. One person might suffer all these symptoms and more, but also might get away scott free. I am NOT a licensed physician, just a person who experienced the process of withdrawal from Cymbalta and wishes to assist others who also have to go through this tedious process.

A List of Side Effects and Symptoms Caused by Cymbalta Withdrawal

Brain zaps– They’re a feeling that doesn’t have a bona fide definition. If you want to know what to expect, close your eyes and imagine that there’s a little man inside your brain, and he just sits there. Now, imagine that he spreads all his extremities to all sides, punching and kicking the walls of your brain one time with all his might, and then sits back down. That impact to the brain is accompanied by a short burst of intense headache, dizziness and sometimes nausea – That’s the closes I can get to describing what the “Brain-zaps” felt like to me. They were my personal “favorite” symptom and they can get pretty scary. This symptom can be eased by taking Omega 3 and acetylcholine. supplements.

Lasting headaches Headaches in general are a delightful experience aren’t they? This was the first symptom I experienced and is in fact usually the first symptom to manifest itself in most people. To me there were no brain-splitters though, just long and persistent background mind pains that bothered me and kept me from performing my everyday functions.

Dizziness – Usually mild although extremely stubborn – lying down doesn’t help it because it doesn’t derive from physical instability; it derives from your brain going through withdrawal. I found these to be no more than a bit annoying and I haven’t found anyone who complained about it being more severe than that.

Insomnia – Some people have difficulties falling asleep due to other symptoms they are experiencing such as headaches or hot flashes. However, sleep deprivation sometimes manifests itself as a symptom on its own. When I went through withdrawal I could hardly sleep at all. Sometimes it was because I just couldn’t fall asleep and sometimes the headaches would keep me awake. The sleep deprivation was there to bother me from the very beginning to the very end of my withdrawal, and it was the second most disturbing symptom for me, right after brain zaps.

Nausea – It’s hard for me to elaborate on this because I didn’t notice it at all. I wasn’t even aware that it was a symptom before I began researching for this article. However, the nausea is a very common symptom which appears in different levels for different people. For some it’s very mild while others may even throw up. Although I didn’t suffer from it myself, the crushing majority of people report to have suffered from it to some extent.

Hot and cold flashes – Some people shiver and sweat while others don’t notice the flashes at all. I suffered greatly from hot flashes, but since I wasn’t being observed by any medical professional, I thought it was just an extremely hot summer. Most people do experience them. Many patients even find themselves changing their clothes several times each day in order to deal with the variation of perceived temperatures. I just went swimming very often, and always in the sea. I have a swimming pool near my house but the smell of chlorine significantly increased my headaches. I also found that being in the water helped me relax, and I really needed that back then, due to the next symptom I’m about to tell you about.

Bipolarity – this is one of the most common symptoms and it makes a lot of sense, too. People on withdrawal from Cymbalta experience mood swings between extreme anger, fatigue, hyper-activeness, a feeling of futility and even depression.  I was like “The Hulk”. I exploded at anything and everything and when I wasn’t angry I was depressed like never before. My mood was extremely volatile but always self-destructive, and it was a disaster for my social life. Some people still think I’m insane, which I probably was. But it’s important to remember that I didn’t know to expect these symptoms. I didn’t have any medical observance and I didn’t know I was going through withdrawal. I thought that this was actually the real me without the meds. That increased my depression and kicked my self-esteem to the curb. However, you, having read this, will probably have a much easier time dealing with this side effect, and that makes me happy I took the time to write this article for you.

Diarrhea I had it, you’ll have it, everybody gets some. It’s a very common symptom and it usually only lasts for a few days. Explosive diarrhea for everyone! Woohoo!

Cymbalta Withdrawal Duration

How long does the average person suffer from these dreadful symptoms? Unfortunately, that question cannot be answered unambiguously. There are ways to shorten the period and ease the symptoms, various supplements can help with that. The best supplement for easing cymbalta withdrawal symptoms is Neuro Endure Mini. It’s recommended far and wide throughout the internet and you can get a good deal on it right here. You can People are physically different from one another, and that means that different people suffer from different symptoms for different periods of time. To most people, it takes between two and three weeks to get over their withdrawal side effects, but sometimes it could be longer.  To me it took a little over two months until the symptoms disappeared completely. But I went “cold turkey”, which you won’t, and I wasn’t under any medical observation, which you will be. So stay optimistic, keep your head high and remember – this will all be over soon.

 Additional Help and Info

A lot of people dread experiencing the hardships of Cymbalta withdrawal. It’s a feeling of sickness in the brain, and that can be terrifying. Fortunately, it’s not an everyday feeling and so it’s very important to remember that the side effects will decrease and eventually go away. Some people recommend various changes of diet and exercise regimes, saying that once they have changed their eating habits and began exercising, their need for Cymbalta gradually diminished until it was gone completely.

To deal with the stress the symptoms may cause you, and to better understand your condition, I recommend this book.
It contains tons of useful information that will not only get you prepared and ready to wean off Cymbalta, but will also be a great source of information if you’ve already began the process. It’s not crucial to your withdrawal or anything like that, and you’ll be fine whether you know what you’re doing or not, but it might help to ease your stress if you know what you’re dealing with and how to deal with it, and it absolutely will give you a good, clear and objective perspective on what’s happening to you.

Since most painkillers won’t help, if you’d like to try to ease your symptoms using supplements and speed up your recovery, I recommend Neuro Endure Mini. It’s a supplement for brain health that does not create a dependency so you won’t have to re-rehabilitate, and it comes in small doses (1/4 neuro endure). It treats many of the symptoms of Cymbalta withdrawal and improves general brain health, and it does so effectively and gently. You can get it here.

Ceasing to use Cymbalta is not a simple task, and it is one best preformed gradually and carefully. Do NOT go “cold turkey”, Do NOT start or stop using Cymbalta without consulting a licensed physician, and of course, if you feel ill in any way, weather in accordance to the symptoms list or not, consult a licensed physician immediately! Any other course of action would be foolish, irresponsible and potentially hazardous to your health.

If you need additional support to help you through the process, feel free to contact me. If I can make this process any easier for you, I would love to help, especially since no one was there to help me when I went through it.

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Good luck and get well soon!
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Day Jobs Suck So… I’m Quitting. For Life.

Having a day job sucks

My name is Itay Rijensky. At the time I am writing this (July 10, 2012) I am 25 years old and I have a day job as the manager of a computers and electronics store in Nesher, Israel. I hate my day job, my day job sucks. That’s why I’ve decided to quit it and try to create a passive income online for myself.

This blog will accompany me in my efforts to achieve an income via the internet which will be steady and high enough for me to “stick it to the man” (I know, that expression sucks almost as much as a day job) and quit.

day jobs suck - neverending journey towards nothing.“Every journey begins with a single step.”

That cliché is unfortunately as true as it gets. To begin my way towards freedom from modern slavery, I must start working for myself.

Dear person reading this, cover your ears. This post is a gunshot.? This is when I start running.I don’t want to finish first, I don’t want to finish second, I just want to finish and so help me, I will.

Regev Elya

Day jobs suck - RegevRegev Elya is a dear and close friend of mine. He is the owner of and He used to always tell me about the option to make money online and work for yourself from wherever you want, whenever you want. I thought he was full of it, a man dwelling in his own fantasy.

Just when I was about to start my first (and last ??I hereby solemnly swear) semester at the university, Regev was traveling all over asia and Europe without a day job, with sufficient income and without a care in the world. He has money because he works for himself. people with day jobs work for someone else, and that someone else gets more money for their work than?them! That’s why day jobs suck so much. for example, you might get a 100$ incentive for selling things for over a 1000$ profit. That’s unfair, but you can’t blame anyone but yourself.

The beauty of the way he’s doing it is that he’s actually helping people. He writes high quality materials that, if you are as interested as you should be in their subjects, are very useful.


Honesty is the virtue I hold dearest to my heart. I speak only truth, even when it’s offensive. so it is important for me to disclose that I’m very unsure about this. I know Regev is doing it and there are plenty of other people who do, but can I?

Back to school

In order to learn everything I need to know, Regev directed me to “The keyword academy”. An awesome website with all the info anyone needs in order to start monetizing on their passion online. They taught him how to do it, and they will teach me. I joined (it’s not free) and started learning. The guys who run the site, Court and Mark, are great. They’re helping me with every step of the way. Their lessons are clear and conclusive and they actually care. It’s worth the membership fee, hands down. I’m starting to work on my website by their program and Hopefully, my next post in this category will be called “my first made internet penny”.

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