Cancer – The Fake Plague of Our Time

Cancer (Malignant Neoplasm) is a group of over two hundred different diseases that are arguably the worst of our time, a modern black plague. There are some treatments for it, but no cure. However, we still hear of people who defeated cancer through diets and other simple natural solutions. Almost anyone who reads this is or knows someone who was affected by cancer. To better understand why so much research brought no cure and why cancer is such an epidemic, we’ll later look back at human history. First, let’s understand what cancer is and how it works.

Carcinogenesis – Where Baby Tumors Come From

Cancer Process

How Cancer Starts – Photo from the National Cancer Institute

The human body is made of organs that are made of tissues that are made of cells. Those cells are constantly multiplying, dying and getting replaced. Except for the cells in the cerebral cortex which are never replaced from birth to death, all the cells in the human body have a finite life cycle. They clone themselves (mitosis) at a controlled rate. If a cloned cell is damaged it triggers its own?self-destruction. This phenomenon of “cell suicide” is called Apoptosis and it’s very common in our body. Sometimes, due to certain cell mutations, the process goes wrong and a mutated clone manages to clone itself. The body doesn’t need this defective cell or its clones and doesn’t know what to do with them. They form a mass, which you probably know as a tumor. Tumors can be either malignant or benign.


Benign Vs. Malignant

Benign tumors are likely to do no significant damage. Benign tumor cells don’t invade nearby tissues or spread to other parts of the body and can usually be surgically removed. Once a benign tumor is removed, it usually doesn’t come back. Malignant tumors are cancerous, which means they do all the things we just learned benign tumors don’t do. Malignant tumor cells can invade other tissues, destroying them in the process. If a malignant tumor is surgically removed, it can and many times does come back, but the worst part is that it can metastasize.


Metastasis – How Cancer Spreads

Cancer MetastasisMetastasis is the process in which a small mass of cells detaches from the original tumor and enters the blood or lymphatic system. It’s the most dangerous way in which cancer spreads. This is why early detection is currently considered one of the main factors in curing cancer – It’s best to remove the tumor before metastasis, because once it had?metastasized, it’s impossible to find these smaller tumors, called metastases, and they can invade tissues in different parts of the body at any time. This is called “Metastatic cancer”. Just for clarification, if someone has ?lung cancer, which metastasized and spread to the liver – that person has metastatic lung cancer, not liver cancer.

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Cancer treatment today

“Cancer is a costly illness. It can take a toll on your health, your emotions, your time, your relationships ??and your wallet. There will be unforeseen and unexpected charges and even the best health insurance won?? cover all your costs.” – Cancer.Org

PoisonChemotherapy – a hellish cocktail of poisons. It paints your veins black, it makes you vomit, it makes your urine come out in funny colors, usually orange, and it makes you feel generally terrible. This is napalm. It gets the enemy, but it also takes down the forest in which they’re hiding. It usually doesn’t, but it can have long-term and even life-long side-effects. Here’s a list of common chemotherapy side-effects from


RadioactiveRadiaton therapy A method of killing cells by destroying them from the inside out. The radiation damages the very DNA of the cell, thereby causing it to die. A person can receive radiation treatment at any point of their treatment, even during surgery, depending on the type of cancer. The radiation can be generated by radioactive grains inserted into the blood stream or placed near the tumor, or by an external machine. The radiation is x-rays and gamma rays, the very same types of radiation we try to avoid in everyday life. Radiation therapy can and does hurt other cells in the body, not just cancer cells, and is a relatively unsafe practice. If done improperly, radiation therapy can even lead to death by radiation poisoning. Here are two examples I found on a five second google search: Mo Mowlam?died of radiation therapy side-effects – not from the cancer he was trying to fight.?Dr. Alem Kahsay?drastically reduced the chances of survival of two patients, one of whom had already died. He fled the country before his hearing.?[source]

Bloody ScalpelSurgery – Do I really need to elaborate? Surgery is when a doctor takes a knife, cuts you open, cuts the malignant tumor out of your body and stitches you back shut. Now that you understand how tumors appear, you can also understand that a tumor is not always on the surface of the organ, it can be deep. Therefore, surgery can severely damage the affected organ, killing the patient in the process. If that’s not enough – more than half of the fatal cases which occur in hospitals are caused by infection – not by the original diseases. This means that even if the operation was successful, there’s still a good chance that during hospitalization the patient will catch a mild case of death.?[source 1]

The Black Death Plague

The Black Death Plague - Image from National Geographic

The Black Death Plague – Image from National Geographic

In the dark ages, the black death plague ran rampant throughout europe, eventually claiming over 20 million lives. ?After seeking the cause, eventually the jews were blamed for it because they weren’t infected as often, and because jews are always getting blamed for weird stuff – This is called “Antisemitism”. Today we know that the resistance to the plague came from hygiene. According to jewish law, a person should wash his hands before eating and after going to the toilet, and bath at least once a week for saturday (Sabbath). Jews also can’t say prayers and blessings next to sewage pits or any other place that smells bad. Due to these and many other laws regarding burial, sewage, intercourse and hygiene, the sanitation at jewish towns, neighbourhoods and hamlets was always better than it’s surroundings. Basically, their vaccination was natural, simple and easy – hygiene. Today everyone is aware of their hygiene. It’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t shower everyday or washes their hands after going to the restroom. There is no more black death plague. In the old days people used to believe showering was harmful to their health. Just like your dog or cat would hate to take a bath unless you trained them to get used to it. Mankind has evolved beyond basic instinct and, out of scientific awareness and education, we began to shower every day, wash our hands and brush our teeth. This is called personal hygiene but that’s not an accurate name – it’s external hygene.

Plague Prevention

How many of you brush your teeth but eat white sugar and corn syrup? how many of you consume white bread? How about things that are clearly poisonous like Aspartame, food coloring, paracetamol and cigarettes? This is internal hygiene and it’s just as important as external hygiene. Together, they make you a clean and healthy person. On my next article I will elaborate on proven, tested and effective ways to cure cancer without poisoning your body and\or going bankrupt.

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Cancer - The Fake Plague of Our Time
Article Name
Cancer - The Fake Plague of Our Time
An article surveying cancer as it is falsely precepted today and as what it really is - a cureable, managable disease that is caused to us by ourselves.

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