Types of Anxiety Caused by Social Media

For most of human history we are not quite sure if there have been instances to talk to a person in real-time even without face-to-face interaction. Until the phone, the instant messaging and social media was invented, humans have to wait for a while for the mail to arrive or even days for the telegram to arrive. Sadly we become new species with new kind of worries all because of our extended use of the vast cyberspace.

Anxiety due to accidental sending

You have this nasty email and you want your co-worker to see it. But instead of hitting the send button you hit the send to all. Yikes! Now everyone that are not supposed to see the nasty email including your boss will get to see it. And the panic attacks begin in a blink of an eye. It is so convenient to tell the whole world or at least the distribution list about things that have a relation to their work and how to have a better quality of life. But that single misplacement of the mouse pointer and the mindless concern of pushing the correct button can cause great anxiety thanks to the Internet that made it happen.

Anxiety caused by Wikipedia freefall

There is this thing about Wikipedia freefall which leads to people from researching about a topic ending up reading other unrelated entries. While there may not be adverse initial effects on doing this but it is easy to lose track of time. Before you know it you have been reading one Wikipedia entry too many causing you to be anxious about losing sleep because you have been at it for 12 hours! You may find it perplexing that you have already be missing out on sleep or even food because you have been too engrossed on doing Wikipedia freefall. It would not be a problem if it happens once or twice but if it is something that happens quite frequently then it is a source for concern.

Anxiety powered by social media

Are you constantly worried about how other people may talk about you when you are not around? That would happen prior to social media. Today, people are also worried about how others perceive them this time on social networks. People tend to post messages that would describe a person without naming any name. This becomes a game that people play as they try to decipher who is being alluded to by the cryptic posts. Sometimes when the description closely matches yours you become too worried that you could be that person they are talking about. Suddenly you feel the urge of knowing if they have been at it for quite a while.

Anxiety and confusion on queer things

If there is one thing that the Internet has brought to fore is that the world has become much smaller. Things that older generation of people may not be able to see within their lifetime became something that is ordinary for people that has been a habitual viewer of You Tube. To the average Internet user, taking a look at queer things or events that are out of the ordinary is something you expect. It may cause confusion and sometimes unexplained worry because of the unfamiliarity about things that you just saw off the Internet.

Anxiety over sudden changes on the Internet

There are people that are creatures of familiarity and they tend to be anxious when there are things that change. Their inability to cope with changes is something that happen offline. But it has become exacerbated when we take it online. You see people tend to be worried when the things that they do often suddenly change but it becomes more frequent because it is faster to roll out change over the Internet compared to a real world setting.

As the Internet has become widely used for a good two decades now it seems that there are new worries that has become more destructive than witchcraft or black magic. Suddenly we become worried about things that we do that are related to our engagement with the Internet.

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Types of Anxiety Caused by Social Media
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Types of Anxiety Caused by Social Media
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