Anxiety and Heart Health

Long ago, anxiety used to be a helpful tool for coping with the highly-stressful environment that the early inhabitants on earth are experiencing. However, in these modern days anxiety has evolved into something that preludes the existence of several serious diseases such as heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Using activity to defeat both anxiety and heart disease

Doctors are convinced that regular exercise can help not only in keeping a healthy heart but also in alleviating the impact of anxiety. While there is a need to study anxiety deeper and further, there have been noticeable improvements in the anxiety state among sufferers when they are subjected to regular exercise. We all know that regular exercise can help the heart to become stronger.

Other forms of anxiety alleviation

Anxiety disorders often come with a high degree of uncertainty and when worries stick in the mind it trickles the effects to the heart. This would also interfere with the ability of the patient that has been suffering from heart disease to follow advice towards recovery. That is why aside from exercise, sticking to diet that are rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants are important in anxiety alleviation. Experts recommend that anxiety sufferers should stick with foods that are rich in tryptophan which is a natural ingredient that is used by the body to create feel-good chemicals that often lower anxiety levels.

Future of anxiety and heart health research

As mentioned earlier we have yet still to get into the bottom of heart health’s real link with anxiety. Social phobia and panic attacks can become serious complications that need to be considered especially when taking care of heart health. As we await a concrete study on the effects of anxiety to heart health it is best to use various therapies and techniques that are available to treat the heart and anxiety at the same time.

A careful look at the anxiety disorders can give you a very worried look at the state of the heart. Both axiety and heart disease can contribute to the emergence of an unhealthy body and can be an obstacle towards total recovery.


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Anxiety and Heart Health
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Anxiety and Heart Health
A short article explaining the connection between anxiety and heart health, what to do to prevent anxiety from causing heart disease and what science has to say about the subject.

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